Saturday, January 16, 2010

love to laugh

Oh, how I love these girls. We haven't been together, the three of us, in a long time. I am so happy when my friends are around. What does one do without them? I would be lost, that's for sure. We had such a fun night, catching up, being silly, and laughing until tears came. Becky's husband was just snapping pictures right and left,and I love the candidness of them all. I am such a happy, and lucky girl.

Update: Despite what it looks like, my dear Andrea is not engaged. Trust me, when that happens we will have a party, and the whole world will know about it!


Lolee said...

Is Andrea engaged?? :)

Robin said...

Love, love, love these pictures!! Love your long time friendships, and I love it when you can all get together.

Lolee said...

yep, it's Lori. My nieces and nephews call me Lolee, so I changed my blog named to that:) p.s.- Your boys are ADORABLE!!