Monday, January 16, 2012

and now he's 4

What is it about giving a little boy a haircut that makes him look so much older?  It was due time for Beckham to have his hair cut.  After the last time, which was traumatic for both of us, I thought he might end up looking like Rapunzel before I got the courage to try it again. I really was just waiting for the police to show up he was screaming so loud.  It was terrible!  I even had everything I could think of to distract him.  This time, I must have thought of the right things.  I gave him a little bag of skittles, put him in a booster seat and sat him in the living room with his favorite tv show on.  He takes forever to eat, even candy, so he savored every little skittle and they lasted the entire time.  He didn't put up a fuss at all, until the very end when he had hair in his eyes. I actually really loved his hair long. I love the color and texture.  It's so thick and soft.  It looks adorable when it lays right.  That was the problem.  It was never laying right.  He had bedhead every morning which was hard to tame, and if I didn't have time to fix it, it stayed that way.  I love the short hair too, and cut it extra short just because I wasn't sure how long we'd have to go between cuts.  Maybe we are on to something here.  He looks so handsome.
See what I mean? These pictures were taken 1 day apart.  He looks a whole year older.


Tyrell said...

Story of my life! Everett's last haircut was traumatic for the both of us too and he hasn't had one since! (and he needs one super bad!) Maybe I will try a bad of skittles AND the movie Cars. I also like the longer, shaggy look... but it only looks good sometimes. The rest of the time it looks like Everett has no mother!

k8e said...

I wish my kids would take forever to eat their candy! I take it to sacrament or when giving haircuts and it's literally gone in 10 seconds.

He definitely looks WAY older! Such a cutie!!!!!