Thursday, January 19, 2012

knight in shining armor

I know I have written about my dad before, calling him my hero.  He really is.  He is my knight in shining armor and has saved me countless times.  He will absolutely, without question, go out of his way to help me, us, in any way he can.  He will put his own agenda aside, his own aches and pains, to come to our rescue.  He will stop by our house at the end of a long work day to do more work.  I never expect this of him, I never pressure him, but he feels the need to be here for us instantly. I appreciate him so much.  I've come home numerous times on snowy days to find my driveway blown and my walk shoveled.  He's fixed my sprinklers countless times, he's taken my car to and from the shop or fixed it himself, he's built things, fixed our dryer, vacuum, plumbing, snow blower, etc.  He has excavated our yard, built our deck,  and done anything and everything I have ever needed.  He never lets me pay him back for a thing, despite my arguing.  He is a magician.  He is a wizard.  He is smart and knows everything. I don't just say that because he is my dad; he really does know absolutely everything.

He adores my kids.  It is cute to see a soft side to him when he interacts with them.  They love their Papa.  He brings jelly bellies in his suit pockets every Sunday at church.  It is like a  treasure hunt for the kids.  They climb all over him and dig through his pockets.  The boys always run to him when he stops by to see us. Kaden loves to pal around with Papa, "helping" him fix things and build things.

 He has sort of a gruff exterior with a dry sense of humor. I know he is very sensitive and sweet, even if he doesn't always seem that way.  He is so sensitive and sweet.  I've seen him get teary and emotional many times when listening to the testimony of his children, reading a sweet card, or having a heartfelt conversation.  I love his big warm hugs.  He cares about his family more than anything in the world, and would do anything for any one of us. When my grandma was sick he was at her house with my mom countless times to do something to make life a little easier for her.  He treated her as his very own mom.  He drove all of the way to Utah to give Matt a blessing he requested while in the hospital.  He has always been the hardest worker I know, and he does it all for us.  I am so grateful to have him as my dad.

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Andrea said...

I couldn't help but smile when you mentioned Papa coming to church with pockets full of Jelly Beans. My dad, also known as "Papa", always comes to church with pockets full of smarties and tootsie rolls. Great minds think alike =)