Saturday, January 28, 2012

we laughed so hard

Can't you just hear the cheeeeeezzzzeeee coming out of him?
We sat down for dinner, when Kaden realized that I had brought him the wrong fork.
"Mom, I need you to get me the other one."

"You aren't getting anything when you talk to me like that. 
Besides, Kaden, that one is fine.  I am not your slave and if you
 want another one you can get it yourself."

"Well Mama, are you your own slave?"

"No, Daddy is my slave.  I sit all day and order people around."

Matt: "Yeah, Mommy is the princess so we are all her slaves."

I guess you can't be sarcastic with a 5-year-old, especially
when he is tired.  I saw the tears welling up in his eyes and when
I asked what was wrong he very emotionally said,
"I don't have a slaaaavvveee.  I wish I had my own slave..." and burst into tears.

It probably shouldn't have been as funny as it was but Matt and I cracked up and laughed for a good couple of minutes, only making Kaden even more sad. We just couldn't stop! When we finally pulled it together and could talk without giggling, we had to have a conversation about what slaves are, and how we really don't have our own.  We do things for ourselves and help each other out, but we don't have slaves and don't expect other people to do everything for us.

Oh, and I found Kaden's twin!


Anonymous said...

SO very funny and so very cute. And yes, he is a bit of a waif, just live Feivel/Feifel? Love MOM aka Robin Randolph

Emilee said...

Oh my goodness!! My little sister had a hat just like that when she was little AND a Feifle the mouse stuffed animal!