Saturday, January 14, 2012

then it was his turn

Last night this little man got to spend the night in our bed.  We really don't make a habit out of this, but I am not opposed to embracing a good reason.  As Matt and I were about to head to bed, Kaden was crying.  I could tell he was hurting.  He limped his way out to the living room.  Growing pains.  I remember getting these regularly all through my childhood. I remember the aching the tightness, and the pain that just would not go away.  I remember waking my mom up in the wee hours of the morning, cuddling up on the couch with her while she rubbed my sore legs.  I remember feeling so loved and cared for.  Last night I stayed up for a long time rubbing my boys tight, hurting legs.  He asked through quiet tears, "Mama, how come it hurts so much? Why do my muscles hurt to grow?" I don't know if it even is a growing thing.  It might be a mineral or electrolyte imbalance. I wish I knew a solution because I know just how he feels.  We heated up my rice bag and wrapped it around him.  I brought him to bed with me to cuddle.  He finally seemed to feel relief and looked exhausted.  I read while he fell asleep.  It was so nice to have him there, quiet and still.  Kaden is hardly ever quiet and still.  He didn't thrash around and tunnel through our covers.  He didn't kick and take over the bed.  He was still and quiet and I relished in those moments.  Poor little guy is probably going to have a lot of nights like this. 

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