Wednesday, August 1, 2012

our trip: the elusive cabin

Matt used to have an internal GPS system.  Always remembered a route, could find his way anywhere, had an amazing sense of direction.  Now...not so much.
The second night of our trip had been really nice.  Getting the kids to calm down and go to sleep was making me crazy, but finally they did and things were great.  At midnight we were all heading to bed.  We got spoiled with the cabin closest to the showers and bathrooms.  The women's restroom was on our cabin side, the men's on the opposite side of the building.  Matt and I headed over to brush teeth and get ready for bed.  When I was finished I waited and waited.  I walked over to the men's room and called in to him.  No response.  (I do that sometimes and I kind of feel bad. I am sure other men are rolling their eyes, poor guy! can't he even go to the bathroom without his wife bothering him?!?!)  I walked over to our cabin to see if he had snuck by me somehow...knowing that wasn't likely. Matt just isn't very good at being sneaky.  He wasn't there.

It hit me.  He went out of the restroom and walked the wrong way and is probably wandering around looking for our cabin.  I started walking around and quickly realized that the campground was just too big and it was already 12:30...not like I could yell for him.  I had seen a group of guys out by their fire by our cabin watching me walk back and forth and I felt so dumb.  I got in the car and turned the parking lights on and started driving around. I felt like a creeper.  I was so tired I wanted to cry and laugh, or just go back and go to bed.  I drove around and around, picturing Matt on the porches of all of the cabins just wandering around having no clue where he was supposed to be.  I just kept thinking, is this REALLY my life? this is really what I am doing right now? this is my life?? I wasn't trying to feel sorry for myself; I think I was just way too sleep deprived.  I pep-talked myself over and over, this isn't his fault at all and I am not going to be mad at him...

After looking for nearly 30 minutes (and feeling so stupid when I drove by the same people over and over) I decided to just get out and go ask them if they had seen Matt.  That might have been a good idea 30 minutes earlier but I just couldn't do it.   I finally walked up to them and asked if they had seen a tall guy with a limp walking around.  They said they had seen him a few times and tried to point him in the right direction. I told them if they saw him again to tell him where our cabin was and to have him stay there outside so I could see him.  I drove a few more minutes and saw that they had found him.  Thank goodness.  I parked and went up to Matt.  "hey, what's up? I have been driving around for 30 minutes looking for you..."  "Babe! I have been walking around for 30 minutes looking for you!" He said it with a smile and I couldn't help but laugh.  Poor guy!

I always wonder what is going through his head.  I feel like he is just so chill about everything, while I would be so upset if I felt lost for that long.  He does the best he can and I totally get how he got confused.  I love that guy so much, even if he drives me absolutely crazy sometimes. We got to bed and I don't think I have fallen asleep so fast in my life.

Two nights later we were wrapping things up and Craig came over to the group bewildered.  "My cabin's deadbolt is locked with my 2-year-old sleeping inside in a pack-and-play and the key is in the cabin."  We were so puzzled.  We shined a flashlight in the window and the door was definitely dead bolted.  Craig headed over to the office to get another key, hoping someone would be there at 11 o'clock at night.  I ran into Matt a few minutes later.  "Babe, guess what is so weird?!  Craig and Kara's door magically locked itself!"  Without missing a beat he said, "I locked their door for them".  What?!? Why would you ever lock someone else's door?!?! I was thinking.  I asked him why he did that.  He had gone to their cabin, put his key in and thought he had unlocked the door.  He walked in and realized it wasn't his cabin, so naturally, he locked back up on his way out.  I have no idea why our key worked in their door.  We walked over and unlocked it for them.  Oh geez.

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Robin's Ramblings said...

The more I read about your vacation, the more I want to...take a nap. With drugs. For a really really long time. Makes me so tire thinking about it!
And seriously, has Matt been taking lessons from Royal about the door locking thing? Cabins? Cars?
I had to laugh as I read this. I know it wasn't funny at the time, but it's just one more thing you make brighter in the retelling, and even you will laugh about it someday!!! Mom