Friday, August 10, 2012

our trip: the zoo and the beach

Our second day in San Diego was spent at the zoo.  My kids love the zoo and this one takes the cake.  We got a lot of walking in and I was so glad that Dave pushed Matt in the wheelchair all day.  We all had a great time, but I worried about Kaden because he seemed so hot and tired.  He was reminding me a little of the time he had heat stroke.  It was nowhere near as bad, but I know that he is more susceptible to it happening again.  The little boy just doesn't ever slow down enough for his body to calm down, rest, and cool off.  We made it though and had a great day.  I hardly took any pictures. 

We spent the next day at the beach.  It was a pretty sweet spot with volleyball nets, a playground, showers, the works.  It was crowded but the kids didn't really seem to notice.  Since we flew we didn't have an umbrella or any shade.  I felt bad stealing shade, especially when I heard Beckham was throwing sand on 6-week-old baby Indy.  Beckham did fine at the beach the first day we went with Dan and Ashley, but he had an escape to shade and could sit in a chair away from sand.  He had a tough time on this beach trip.  He got so mad when sand got on him.  He rubbed his eyes and mouth and got even more mad. Sand got in his food and on his cup and he was beside himself.  I took him to the water where he was happy for a few minutes, until the water moved a little too quickly by his feet and made him nervous.  He finally settled down under the tent with Daddy and was mostly content.

Kaden loved it.  He loved the water and the sand.  He was all over the place. My happy kid.  When the boys seemed content I went on a little run with Dave and Cory.  I have never noticed how awesome it is to run at sea level.  I could have run and run all day long.  The humidity and oxygen-saturated air made it seem so easy.  My legs and feet tired out though.  Running in the sand requires a little extra work!  My calves were sore for days.  I felt like I couldn't leave my kids for long, but if I hadn't felt the need to get back I might have run all the way to Mexico.

When we got back I realized that Kaden again was overheated.  He was acting so strange and did not want to drink anything or get in the shade.  He just wanted to lay in the sun.  I took him to the water to cool him off and made him guzzle gatorade.  Matt had been a great sport reading under the tent all morning, but I could tell he was fine leaving whenever we were.  I actually really wanted to stay and play in the water, but it was becoming clear that the best thing for the rest of the family was to pack it up and get into a cool car.  We loaded up and got the kids happily buckled in the air conditioned car.  They were asleep within minutes.  I again felt like the car we didn't expect to have during our trip had saved me.  We drove around pretty aimlessly, making random stops while the boys rested.  Matt and I talked and listened to good music and actually had quite an enjoyable time.

I didn't take many pictures here either, but I love the ones of Beckham in my hat.  He wanted to be a "towboy".  Any hat with a brim instantly turns one into a cowboy.

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