Monday, August 13, 2012


I took the boys to "paradise" the other day.  It's a perfect beachy spot on the river.  It really is paradise.  I haven't been there in so long and had almost forgotten about it.  We will definitely be going back a lot more.  It's a little walk along the river path then on a trail.  The kids were so excited.  Beckham has just started really figuring out how to run in the last couple of months.  It's so cute to watch him get so excited.  He concentrates so hard.
Beckham loves to carry things around.  Nearly every morning he gets up and picks his little items he will have for the day.  It is usually either Lightning McQueen or Thomas.  The problem is that usually he has between 2 and 5 and he always know exactly how many he had.  He will not part with one and if one drops it's devastation.  Luckily this day he only had one!
I love those cheeks bouncing up and down, his pants "faawwing off", and his determined look.  I am proud of him; he's come so far!

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