Tuesday, August 14, 2012


There's a place along the river in Durango nicknamed Paradise.  It really is paradise.  It's a short walk along the paved river path, and then along a dirt trail beside the river.  It's beautiful with overgrown foliage, green trees, and the river flowing by.  Paradise isn't really a secret.  It's the coolest place with a beachy spot and a sand bar separating a still pool and the river.  The water is calm and the sand perfect for digging and creating.  There are giant rocks to climb on and the ground is forgiving and soft on little feet. Tubes and rafts constantly float by.  We were lucky and only had to share this special place with a few other people.
Kaden was instantly having the time of his life.  He splashed and sprayed water.  He made 50 trips across the water from beach to beach.  Beckham, true to form, took a while to warm up.  I carried him across the water and set him up a nice little spot on a towel.  He didn't have to touch the sand, he had snacks and a drink, and was perfectly content watching Kaden and I play in the sand and water.  He loved watching all of the boats go by and thought their water fights were hilarious.  Silly little boy. 
I just can't get enough of watching Kaden play.  He is so full of life!  His energy and excitement are incredible.  He kept saying, "Mama, thanks so much for bringing me here! I love this place. I want to come again and again and again.  I'm having so much fun! This is the best day ever!"  He makes me feel so good.
Beckham eventually warmed up and decided to dip his toes and poke at the sand.  He didn't get too involved, but said, "Bettham so happy at the beach!"  He keeps asking to go back, so he must have loved it more than he let on.
LOVE that little belly.
Kaden spent tons of time just jumping from rock to rock.  He is so strong and coordinated and seems to never tire.

Beckham was so tired.  I had to carry him most of the way back to the car.  My arms were about to break off.  I loved this little afternoon spent with my boys.  The effort put into these things is always worth it in the end.  They were so happy.  I was so happy.  We will definitely go back again and again.
These two boys are so, so different. The things Kaden loves most are the things that make Beckham nervous. I love their differences, but I have learned to expect things to be tricky at times. Kaden isn't always going to understand why Beckham doesn't want to be adventurous with him. Kaden gets sad when Becks isn't the playmate he is expecting. Beckham isn't always going to feel comfortable with our activities and he will probably scream and make a fuss to let us know. I am trying to learn to go with the flow and just let it unfold and work itself out. It always seems to. Eventually Beckham realizes things are safe and he joins in on the fun. Kaden is great at creating his own fun, and I am trying hard to balance being active with Kaden while calming Beckham. It's a tricky juggling act, but I love it.

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Durrant said...

What a fun trip! You boys are getting so big! They are so cute!