Thursday, August 23, 2012

our trip: I couldn't make this stuff up

After our fun adventures in San Diego, the whole group traveled up to Bellflower to see Grandma and attend cousin Brooke's wedding reception.  We had to swing by Dan and Ashley's to return the mother load they let us borrow.  As I shut the door I had the thought that maybe I should not leave the keys in the car...oh well, I'll just grab them later.  Being married to Matt--the king of locking, closing, turning off everything-- I really should know better...and I do.

We brought everything in and had a little extra time.  Beckham was dying on the vine and Kaden was wired having napped in the car.  He wanted to play with his new best friend Calvin.  I laid Beckham down while the other boys played outside.  I asked Matt to go get Beckhams "Money" from the car.  We had a great lunch and relaxing afternoon.  When it was time to leave in order to make it to Bellflower in time I went out to the car and sure enough, the doors were locked.  I could see the key smiling at me from the console. I really did just smile and shake my head.  Things were starting to just seem hilarious to me.

We decided to call Dan and Ash's insurance company.  It was totally Dan's idea so Ashley and I are claiming innocence on this one :). I know it's totally wrong to pretend it was their doing, but we really didn't have much of a choice.  At least that is what I tell myself.  I also thought our conversation with the Geico lady was funny and she probably thought we were nuts...but I tell you, you just can't make this stuff up.

ash:  Yeah, I just need someone to come out here to unlock my car.
Geico Lady: Okay, which car is it?
   I was impressed at Ashley's response.  I probably would have had an attack of conscience and blurted out the whole story, or just lied and named totally the wrong car. I am terrible at this kind of thing.
a: Well, it's actually not MY car.  It's my friend's.  I was driving it because she is here visiting and I've been taxiing them around. I locked her keys in and need to get her car back to her so she can continue her trip.
GL: Okay, well I am going to need to speak to your friend to make sure she actually did give you permission to drive her car.
Ash hands the phone to me.
GL: Hi Ma'am. I just need to know that Ms. Henry did indeed have permission to drive your car.
Me: Yes, she did.
GL: Okay, well does your car have roadside service on your insurance policy?
Me: I think it probably does, but I'm not sure.
GL: You aren't sure what coverage you have on your car?
Me: Well, it's actually not even MY car.  It's my husband's grandmother's car.  We are using it while on this trip. And it actually will be our car, but we haven't transferred it yet. 

GL: Okay.  She seemed confused and I'm not sure why she asked, was your husband driving this car at all, or does he have a key to it?
Me: Well actually, no.  My husband is disabled and doesn't drive.  I am the only driver, which is why my friend was helping me out.
GL: Alright Ma'am, I'm sorry for the stress on your vacation.  We will have someone out there in an hour.

She was actually really sweet but I am sure our story sounded ridiculous.  The tow man came out and used a very primitive, simple contraption much like a blood pressure cuff,  to get the door unlocked in about 3 seconds.  Ashley and I decided that maybe our next gig will be breaking into cars.

I was so worried about being late, or making people wait for us.  I felt so grateful when Traci-- probably sensing my near-breakdown-- told us to just take our time, get to Grandma's when we could, enjoy dinner, and a quiet house. It would have been great to go to the reception, but this took a lot of stress out of trying to get there in time and still happy.

The funny thing about this situation was that it actually turned out to be pretty good fortune for us.  It seems silly, and I was bummed to miss the reception, but there was definitely silver lining.  Beckham slept for almost 4 hours, and believe me, he needed it.  Kaden and Calvin got to play and run amok.  Dan's brother Steve was there, whom we haven't seen in 7 years.  He and Dan were installing ceiling fans.  Matt had the best time helping them and having real guy time.  He turned out to be pretty handy since he's a giant could reach the fan and hold things.  He ventured to the hardware store with them and had the best time.  It was a blessing in disguise to be there an extra few hours.  Matt really needs that time with people, in a quiet environment where he is heard, paid attention, and feels just like "one of the guys". 

I really was bummed to have to say goodbye to Dan and Ashley.  They helped make our trip even better and I am so, so glad that we got to spend so much time with them.  Kaden is still talking about his new friend Calvin.  They really could not have been more similar.  I loved how well they played and that their energy level matched.  Ashely and I were exhausted just watching them. We will definitely be crashing in on them again...and again :)

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