Tuesday, August 21, 2012

he got to move...fast!

Matt always had the need for speed.  He would blaze down the mountain on his skis as fast as he could.  His goal was to keep up with traffic when he rode his bike down State Street.  It made his new wife nervous, but he was confident and fun-loving.  He liked adventure.  When we were in Havasupai he would walk within millimeters of the edge of cliffs and high waterfalls, giving us all heart attacks.

I feel sad on a regular basis that Matt can't really do any of that anymore.  He lost a huge part of who he was, but still loves that adrenaline rush of speed and adventure.  When Keith told us he and Gabe were coming to our town for an adventure weekend I was happy for them, and a little sad for Matt.  I crossed my fingers that Matt might be able to participate in something.

On Saturday, Matt got to join them for a few hours of zip lining.  I'm so thankful.  I got report that the course was amazing and the views were great.  The guides were lenient with how they let them ride the lines.  Matt loved it.  I'm so glad that he got to move faster than 2 mph.

I just have to laugh at these pictures...typical Matt.  A water bottle in his back pocket and his pants falling off.
He's so cute.  It makes me so happy seeing these pictures and imagining the fun he was having.


Brandon said...

That looks like just the thing for someone who loves speed!! I'm glad he got to go!!

Nicole Wood said...

I love the pic with Matt's tongue out!