Monday, August 27, 2012

muck-and-mire on the mountain

 Two weeks ago I ran a 10k obstacle course with some of my favorite friends.  It was at Durango Mountain Resort, better known as Purgatory to locals.  I had the most fun time I think I have ever had in a race.  I imagined it being hilly, thinking maybe we would run on their cross country ski track.  We ran on the stinking downhill ski hill!  It was a beast.  We started the race running up, and we ran up and up and up.  But, what goes up must come down and that part was a blast.  We ran along the championship mountain bike trail and it was so beautiful.  I just kept telling Angie I could run on trails all day long.
The obstacles were pretty fun.  We climbed cargo nets, went through culverts, tunnels, up and over walls, across a slack line (let's just say that is a skill I have NOT mastered, at all), down a giant slip-and-slide, through a nasty mucky pond, and of course, through a mud pit.  I didn't have my garmin or music and I loved that. It was kind of fun having no idea how far we had run, how far we had to go, what our pace was, etc.  It was all about the fun and that is my kind of time.

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