Saturday, October 4, 2008

The fuits of our labors.

My friend Andrea has the most wonderful apple orchard, as well as some pear trees. Growing up, we spent a lot of time in the orchard. One of my very favorite pastimes is playing mushy-apple baseball. We would dress in our grubby clothes and play baseball with the yucky apples. When you hit those things with a bat they completely explode and go everywhere. We also had such a fun time setting the apples on the road and watching them burst as cars drove over them. And people wondered how we kept busy growing up in a small town....we were never bored.

She was here to visit last week and we found ourselves back out in the fruit trees. This time, we picked boxes and boxes of pears. I could not believe how many pears one tree can produce.

Kaden had a fun time helping out. When he got tired, he put his blanket on the box and laid down on the pears.

The Matts

I am in heaven with the box we got to take home--I will be living off of pears for a few weeks.

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Nicole said...

i can't believe how much kaden looks like matt!