Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nuptials, dancing, food galore, and a bit of frostbite...

This beautiful place was the setting for Matt's dad's wedding. On October 11th, Keith married Kim overlooking Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe. The scenery was breathtaking, as was the 30 degree, windy, snowy weather. Despite nearly getting frostbite, and taking 2 full days to finally warm up, the wedding was beautiful. We are so happy for Keith to have found such a kind, loving woman to marry. We wish them the very best and a lifetime of happiness together.

With Kara and Heidi before the wedding.

Kim's dad, with Kim and Sophia (her 4-year-old daughter). I love that Sophie is carrying her bouquet like a football, up-side-down. She was so cute posing like a little princess the whole time. She didn't even complain about the cold. I guess she was too excited for her wedding. She kept saying, "today we are marrying Keith." She is adorable.

Poor Kim was practically convulsing, but she looked beautiful.

The wedding party. Poor Matt is allergic to the cold, and his face was getting so puffy and red. We actually skipped out on the last pictures to go sit in the warm car. I was okay with that too ;).
Matt and I at the luncheon. After about 5 mugs of hot chocolate we were finally starting to thaw out a bit. The food throughout the day was spectacular. I am not sure I have ever been so well-fed in my life. It was all gourmet and I was in Heaven. I may have come home with a few extra pounds, but it was well worth it.
Keith and his kiddos. A very good looking bunch, I'd say.

The reception was loads of fun. We were back in the warmer part of CA, and much more comfortable. Of course there was a catered plethora of more amazing cuisine, which we gladly partook of. Keith and Kim suprised everyone with a choreographed first dance. It was one of the most entertaining things I've seen in my entire life. They were completely jammin', she was sassy, and the guests just couldn't get enough. I was wanting an encore.
I love how happy they look in this picture. They were having so much fun!
Looking good!

Sophie got in on the action too. She was amazing and completely stole the show. I could probably learn a few things from her!
I have to say that I just loved looking at my handsome man dressed up in a tux all day. He looked SO good, mmmm mmmm.

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