Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Outtakes...

Traci took a few updated family photos for us. Kaden was so distracted by the water, cars, and was itching to run around and explore. My arms were numb from wrestling with Kaden. Matt was tired and yawning the whole time. At one point, Kaden was excited and threw his head back, giving Matt a fat lip. Needless to say, Traci managed to get some great shots. Here are a few funny ones that didn't turn out so great, but they made me laugh.

He's used to us both holding his hands and swinging him while we walk. He has gotten to where he expects it and won't even put his feet down. He was swinging in every single one of these pictures.

"But I just want to go play, and we've been doing this forever!"

The very next shot was this one. He gets over things quickly... (plus, a car was driving by).

We got about 5 pictures with Matt yawning, he just couldn't stop.

I scratched my hand and had to show him. He always acts like he feels sorry for me, hah.

I'll be posting the good ones later. I am excited about them; she did a great job. Kaden looks so old though!


k8e said...

So these pictures totally made me laugh! I love it! Such a cute family and Kaden is getting SO BIG!!!!!

PS-When are you coming down next? I would love to hang out. We need to have a roomate party!!!

Anonymous said...

You have the worlds cutest husband and baby:)

Kara said...

Kaden is definately looking more grown-up. At this age, those funny ones are going to be the ones you remember the most. I am so jealous of sweater weather and the beautiful fall colors in those pictures. I hope you get all moved and settled into your new house soon. Good luck with all that.

Lisa said...

Such a cute lil'family!

Brooke said...

Getting a good family picture is harder than it looks. You have a beautiful family, glad to see you guys are doing well!