Wednesday, June 9, 2010

he's so brave

My little Beckham has been poked and prodded and tested the last few days. He's been such a trooper. Yesterday we went in for what I thought would be a quick blood test. Apparently, the tests issued were not your every day run-of-the-mill sort of tests. The phlebotomist had to look them all up to know what protocol to follow. The blood had to be put on ice and sent immediately to Salt Lake. We were there forever. Poor Kaden was trying to be good and I felt bad that we were there so long. When she finally got around to drawing the blood and we laid Beckham down he was throwing a fit before she even poked him. He knew what was coming. She poked one arm and the vein moved. She went to the other side and couldn't get that one either, so came back to the first arm. Finally she got it, but it was rough for all of us. I hated seeing him so upset and I could feel tears burning in my eyes. Looking into his sweet face while he looked up at me like, "why aren't you helping me?" about did me in.

They sent us home with an odd contraption for a urine sample. It had to be his first morning pee, and had to be frozen as soon as possible. We weren't allowed to freeze it, so a 15 mile trip had to be made to deliver the goods. My mom is a life-saver and showed up early this morning and drove it in for us.

This afternoon we went in for an MRI. We were told the wrong time, so we ended up having to kill time for almost an hour. Poor baby wasn't allowed to eat for 6 hours prior to the test, it was past his nap time, but he was such a champ! We found the waterfall outside and he was such a happy baby splashing his hands and feet.

He got totally soaked and dirty.

My mom came along with me to help out and be emotional support. I loved having her there with us, even though it did take up her whole day.
There is a lot of prep work involved. The MRI is about twenty minutes, but Beckham had to be completely still, so he had to be sedated. I had to give him the yucky stuff through a syringe and if just felt wrong drugging my baby. It worked really fast since he was so tired and he fell fast asleep. The MRI went fine and he woke up looking a little drunk, but was happy. He got to gulp down some apple juice and that made him happy. He needed a little extra O2 when he first woke up and he thought that was just the greatest thing. He kept sticking his tongue out trying to lick it. He even got a prize for being so brave. A pink and purple lamb. It's so cute and cuddly, but I had to laugh that she grabbed the girliest one.
Is that baby gown not the cutest thing?
Beckham was such a champ through all of it. We're praying that all of the results come back normal and confirm our suspicions that he is just really smart and that's why his head is big. I fall in love with this baby more and more each day. He is the sweetest most lovable little guy. His nurse kept telling us how good he was, how happy, how cute, etc. Of course we agreed.
We left with a happy-albeit a little high-baby.


Brooke said...

Whew.. what a day! Poor little guy, I will be praying for him and the Dr's. Hopefully it will all be normal! Hang in there!

craigo said...

Wow what a brave mom, and awesome baby. I think Ruby is good but I doubt she would let me not feed her for six hours or poke her. Good job Beckham, we hope everything comes back good!! We love you! - Kara

Kara said...

Poor baby! It's a good thing he probably won't remember all this trauma in a few days. I hope you find out some good results soon so you can put all those worries to rest!

Marisa said...

Jessica!!! I can only imagine what emotions you are going through right now! what a tough little man he is!! Next time.. Call me!! and i can come help out and keep you company or watch Caden in teh car for you when you have an appointment.. SERIOUSLy i'm not far away!! You know you can't always be Wonder woman.. :) that's what friends are for!!! Much love to you, Call me soon!!!

Wendy said...

Jess, I'm sorry you are having to do all of this. It's so hard watching people poke your kiddos. My sister's little boy had to do the same thing for his big head and everything was perfectly normal. He's just extra smart. Hope you are doing good!

grant + brittany said...

we have fasted and prayed for your family and especially little beckham. i'm just so happy you live by your family and they are there to support you and help out. keep us updated, love you guys! and the hospital gown is adorable.

grant + brittany said...

you are such an angel jessica. so beautiful inside and out. your courage is so inspirational.