Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Since Matt doesn't drive, I often find myself spending a lot of time sitting in the car waiting. I don't usually mind much, although sometimes it can be quite an invconvenience. It gives me time to think. Sometimes, I think too much and stress myself out. I used to be the best multi-tasker around. I could remember everything I needed to do-- my schedule, what homework was due what day, my weekend plans, etc. I had a visual calendar in my brain and could recall almost anything. I guess the "mom brain" really does exist. It's embarrassing to admit how forgetful I can be sometimes. I forget minuscule things, but shamefully, I also forget really important things (like renewing my car insurance). Sadly, I have always completely failed at scheduling, organizing in a planner, and writing things down. I wish so badly that I could conquer this obstacle. Any ideas?

Sometimes when I am waiting I people-watch. Why is that so much fun? Man I love to observe people, especially at Walmart. What interesting people come in and out those doors! Too bad I don't have limo-black tinted windows. I am sure a few people have caught me eyeing them. That's why I wear my awesome shades. I am hoping no one can tell quite what I am looking at. I see the sweetest older couples helping each other walk to their car. I see strange hairstyles and nasty clothes. I see happy, skipping children. I pretty much see it all and it fascinates me.

Some days I get in a good long phone call with my sister, mom, or a friend. Other days I take a power nap. Sometimes I sing songs with Kaden. Sometimes I let Beckham play with the steering wheel and slobber all over me. I think about things like how I just turned 27 and that is crazy. I used to wonder why my parents didn't get more excited to be a year older. I am not even old and I get it now. I could happily be forever 25; I think. Sometimes, we run through Sonic first and get $1 ice cream cones and eat them while people-watching. That is time well spent I tell you. (Soft serve ice cream might be the death of me; I think I have it at least 3 or 4 times a week.) I guess that our waiting time really isn't bad at all; it's actually quite productive. And, it's always fun to see happy, tall Matt come to the car and greet us with a big smile while Kaden yells, "Daddy!!"

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the sleepy time gal said...

you're still so amazing to me---an amazing wife, an amazing mother. i love you!