Wednesday, June 23, 2010

this one was tough

So, one week after the Utah Valley 1/2, Jamie and I embarked on a local half marathon. Wow, it was beautiful, and dang hard. Maybe it was because I didn't run for almost 3 weeks prior (except the previous race). Maybe it was because the course was very hilly. Maybe it was because it was hot. Or, maybe it was because hours later I came down with chills, fever, and full-fledged flu. Whatever the reason, after this race I was swearing never to run again and completely understanding why people think runners are crazy.

We must be crazy, because now, just a few days later, I am ready to run again and thinking, "it wasn't so bad". I wasn't miserable until mile 9. I actually did enjoy the gorgeous scenery. I enjoyed the other runners on the course. I loved seeing my family at the end to cheer me on.
Their excitement made me so happy.
I'm running so fast I'm a blur! Actually, I think I was going at a snail's pace and wanting to walk. I actually did walk quite a few times, trying to work all the aches out. I never do that, and it didn't work too well. I was so happy at the end. There really is something to be said about pushing through something hard. It feels so good.

Hurray for us! Yay for free pint glasses and medals. Yayfor free beer and a BBQ at the finish line. Seriously? Yuck.
Going in for our ice bath. It hurt so good!
I was happy to run a 1:47 despite it all. I will definitely do this one again next year-sans flu (I hope!).
More photos, and a look at the beautiful scenery, here.

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