Friday, June 18, 2010

runnin' in the rain

We just got home from a fun trip up to Utah. I love going there. I ran on Saturday in the Utah Valley Half Marathon (they had a marathon too, but I'm not that crazy). My friend Jamie and I ran it together. I had to get up at 3 in the morning to be on the bus by 4. Who are these crazy people? I guess normally in June, running this early is good since it gets so hot. We were drizzled on the entire time. The cool weather actually felt great to run in but I froze after the finish and it took all day to warm up.

Here we are at about 5 in the morning. It was rainy and a bit chilly but Jamie came prepared. Apparently this is a common thing among crazy long distance runners. I am new to the trash-bag-wearing gang, but it was surprisingly awesome. We even ran the first mile in them and stayed nice and warm. Clearly, Jamie is a more experienced bag wearer, as hers is on perfectly straight and mine is twisted all over the place.
The run was nice and felt pretty good, except the last 5 miles when my legs felt like they would fall off. I have never run so stiff in my life. The next day even my shoulders and neck were sore. Despite stopping a few times, my leg cramps and Jamie's numb feet, we finished faster than we did our last race. We'll be professionals soon. Here are my finishing results, which are surely only interesting to me.
time: 1:51 (8:30ish pace)
overall: 126/781
female: 45/533
age group: 11/118

I'm not sure we could get any more cheesy, but we were pretty psyched to be finished--and to get awesome medals. More photos here.


k8e said...

Yay! I thought about you all morning! I'm so impressed! Makes me want to get off the couch right now and go run 13 miles....ok, maybe not 13, more like 3!!! I'm considering doing the Provo half in August...but that's really quick. We shall see.

The Jackson Family said...

Nice job on the half fellow runner! I did think it was a beautiful run, even though it was a little chilly and wet. I need to get some of those arm warmers... they seem to be the new thing.