Saturday, September 18, 2010

becks and tobes

Today while Kaden napped, Beckham and I played on the floor, did some PT, and enjoyed it being just the two of us. Only moments after we began our little play date, a friend joined us and laid right down in the middle of everything. He was so obnoxious and demanded attention. Beckham loves Toby so much. He was giggling, squealing, shrieking, burying his head in Tobes, and absolutely beside himself. I love this series of pictures because watching the two of them wrestle around was just hilarious. I loved every second and am so glad my camera was handy. I also love the fact that Toby will let Beckham poke his eyes, pull on his ears, roll on him and do whatever he wants and he doesn't even get the least bit bothered by it.


Robin Randolph said...

A boy and his doggie. I LOVE it. I love how Kaden loves Toby too, and how Toby loves them. It's all just the way it should be. :o)

k8e said...

Oh Jess! I love reading your blog! It makes me happy. And I had to giggle when I read your camping story. I luff you!