Thursday, September 16, 2010

floppy baby

A few weeks ago Beckham was evaluated by a team of therapists to determine what specific therapy he needs. He was such a ham. He talked and giggled, pointed, played, and showed them all of his tricks. They fell in love with him and I can't blame them. It was determined that his development is between 12-14 months in verbal, social, and fine motor skills. In order to qualify for this in-home program, he needed a 25% delay in any one or more areas. He needed to be at or behind a typical 9-month-old. He passed, or failed, with flying colors. He was at about 5-7 month range across the board for gross motor skills. It's sad to say the word "delayed", but that is what he is, and has been his whole life. He didn't hold his head well until he was almost 5 months old. He didn't roll over until he was 7 months, and he didn't sit without supporting himself with his hands until he was 10 months old. There was a lot of worry and concern for a while there, about what his problems could be from. The whole time I was worrying, I felt peace that it would be resolved, and if this would be a lifelong issue, it would be okay. We'd be okay.

I think we've determined that this won't be a lifelong issue. He will be behind for months or even years. We're confident that he will eventually catch up and won't have residual problems or setbacks from having such low muscle tone right now. Right now, I am enjoying my floppy baby, his cuddles, and watching him make even the smallest steps forward.

We have a therapist who's come to the house a few times. Her name is Diane and she is awesome. She is an older lady who has a lot of experience under her belt and she amazes me with the things she has already been able to do with Beckham. She is so sweet and cute with him too. He is a feisty boy and he gets so mad at her for making him work. He forgives quickly and smiles and laughs. He's pretty much bi-polar during his physical therapy sessions. She's taught me a lot of things to do with him while we're playing, reading, or when I am changing him. I sort of have to trick him because he really does get mad when he's pushed, and Diane said not to let him get too frustrated or he'll quit trying. I'm excited because she noticed a difference in him within the first week.

Beckham uses his head as a maneuvering device. When he rolls over he throws his head and his body follows. We're trying to get him to rotate his torso and pelvis to have more controlled movement. He also doesn't seem to understand that his arms are part of his body and they should be used. He is slowly trying to put weight on them and push himself up for more than 2 seconds at a time. His legs are getting quite a bit stronger and he loves standing now. He locks his knees out though, so instead of using his muscle he is using his bones and joints. He gets so mad when we bend his legs and make him start over.

I love that chubby face. I'm proud of him because he really has been trying so hard. He actually breaks a sweat and tries to do what we are teaching him. The physical therapist (and I) think that once he starts learning how to use his muscles and he challenges himself more, he will progress really quickly. I'm excited for him to hit milestones and overcome some of his frustrations, but I'm also going to soak up every second I can of this extended baby stage that I get.


Leslie Kirk said...

I'm with you!! I'm super excited to be starting our PT now that we're home; but I'm loving that Caysen is still a snuggly, cuddly, baby :)

gin said...

That Becks is so stinkin cute. You are an awesome mom, he's an awesome little guy. I can't wait to hear the kind of boy he grows into.

Traci Barnes said...

Thanks for the update. We pray for Beckham's progress all the time. Thanks for being such a good mom for him and pushing him even when it makes him cranky. We love you!!