Tuesday, September 21, 2010

first day

I never updated on what we decided with the preschool situation. I turned down the two full days, and got several calls over the next few weeks for openings for full days. I just couldn't do it and feel really good about that decision. We decided to be on the waiting list for the 2 half days. Last week we got a call for an opening on Tues. and Thurs. mornings. Last Tuesday was his first day. He's been so excited to go and woke in the morning thrilled to be able to go to his first day of school. I felt a little sad! I get it now. I really wanted to cry. I took him in to his classroom and it was so cute. He 's going to love it and I think he'll thrive in the social environment--as long as he learns a few boundaries and stops hugging and kissing everyone all of the time. He was overwhelmed at first and wanted me to stay. He clung to me and cried when I walked out. I felt my eyes burning a little. Within 10 seconds he had stopped crying. When I picked him up three hours later he was so happy to see me but loved his first day of school. I could tell he felt like such a big boy and was so proud of himself. The teachers said he did great and was excited to be there. I knew this was going to be harder on me. I am too emotional, sentimental, and generally pathetic when it comes to this kind of thing. It's so fun to see my boy grow and progress and gain independence, but I didn't know it would tear at my heart like it does. It's cliche, but as a mom, you really just want time to slow down and you want your little ones to stay small forever. You want to hold them close and never let them go out into the real world (okay, maybe preschool isn't the real world, but still...), and you want to protect them from every hurt, pain, and difficulty. I am pretty sure I am not cut out to have a lot of kids because I just couldn't handle it.
On another note, I had to write a few things down Kaden has said lately. Holy cow he cracks me up. I really wonder where he comes up with this stuff.

M: Kaden it's time for bed.
K: Mom, I'm just so sick and tired of my bed. It's making me very fustrated and irritated.
M: Why?
K: Because it's too long. My bed it too long for me.
One of his friends was mean to him the other day. Kaden is so sensitive and has been talking about it for days. It broke my heart too!
K: I just don't want him to be rude to me mommy. I am a big, nice boy and he made my feelings hurt so bad.
M: Kaden, you already had 2 stories tonight so it's time to say prayers and go to bed.
K: I just need two hundred stories first.
There is a field on the hill by our house with a bunch of cows. The other day we were running low on milk and at breakfast Kaden said, "Daddy you need to go milk those cows and bring us new milk."
M: Kaden, what did I just say? I think I told you to get in your car seat so we can go.
K: No Mom, it was just your imagination.
Every time he cries he says, "My eyes are dripping and making me wet, and I just so sad." So cute.

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Sandi said...

that kid is seriously ADORABLE!!!!