Wednesday, September 29, 2010

it's more fun

to be naked.

Okay, that might not always be true. I've had dreams where I am somewhere in public and have somehow forgotten a very important article of clothing. It's never fun, even in a dream. And why do we dream up those kinds of things? I know you've had 'em too. Those cute little people like to be sans-clothes though. Especially Beckham. The minute the clothes come off he's giddy, giggling, and rolling around like it's a party. I just can't get enough of the over sized belly. Kaden can't either. He's always giving Becks the "buzz" (raspberries) and it never seems to grow old. I love the chubs. Scrumptious.

Speaking of scrumptious, our joint-custody garden has produced some amazing stuff. Kaden and Beckham each ate two tomatoes today like they were sweet apples. We can't keep up with the tomato growth, but I am having fun coming up with new ways to eat them. I am adding them to everything. Last month it was zucchini. We had some crazy zucchinis. It's actually a little scary to go out to the garden and stumble upon a zucchini that has been overlooked and is now the size of your thigh. Something about that is just creepy. They were delicious though. There is something so rewarding about eating a fresh dinner with most of it coming straight from the garden. It feels so good to put healthy, fresh, nutritious food into my favorite boys.

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