Tuesday, September 21, 2010

he's growing!

We went to Beckham's one year appointment yesterday and he's picked right up from his short lag in growth. He was just shy of 21 lbs, 29.5 inches long, and 49 cm for his head. That puts him back up to 25% for weight, 45% for height, and still above the 95% for head size (but his head is slowing down finally!). He's growing and getting stronger all the time. He had to get 4 shots and a blood draw. I HATED it so much. He cried and cried as they stuck him several times to finally find a vein. I just wish there was some way of explaining what is going on so he doesn't think we're just hurting him. I think he knows that I'm not the one hurting him because I get the best cuddles right after and he savored every little lick on the sucker I gave him for being so brave.

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