Monday, September 6, 2010

camping: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Our camping experience this weekend was a roller coaster ride. It was a blast, it was stressful, it was relaxing, it was insane. I love camping. I have always loved camping. It is so hard to believe that I haven't been in several years. Camping is so much work and it just comes down to the fact that I am too lazy to plan it out, pack everything, remember everything, and don't even get me started on sweeping out and rolling the tent back up.

My friend Jamie mentioned a little trip to Moab a few weeks ago. I was so excited to go. I figured that we could plan it together, shop together, and she could help me figure it all out. Jamie is one of those people who seems to easily just have it all together. Her ducks are always in a perfect row. I don't get it. We didn't really make up our minds to go until the day before we left. I packed my little heart out, thinking of anything and everything we could possibly need. As a side note, I really deserve some kind of trophy for the amount of stuff I am able to perfectly piece into a Nissan Altima. Seriously, it's a gift.

We took off early Saturday morning, excited for our awaiting adventures. We arrived to Moab and started to unpack. It was hotter than Hades, especially for these wimpy Colorado people. We were dripping, Kaden and Beckham were crying. "I'm melting mom! I'm boiling; my skin is burning off!" Kaden wailed. We hurried along and loaded into the air conditioned car and headed up the river for a little beach time. Between food, paraphernalia for six kids, a cooler, and Matt, getting down to the water was quite a spectacle for anyone observing. We made it though and set up our spot for the day. Matt was such a sport. He set up a chair in the bushes and read his book. The kids had a blast sloshing around in the slimy mud and it felt so good to cool off.

We headed back to the campground for dinner. A yummy BBQ and lots of junk food. I think after birthday celebrations, vacations, and excess sweets in my cupboards, I am going to need a serious detox soon. After dinner we went swimming. Well, we attempted it. Beckham and Kaden both ended up having sick tummies. We were trying to swim and Kaden would frantically run to me, "I need to go potty!" and we'd hurry off to the bathrooms. I returned only to realize that Beckham had a messy swim diaper. Immediately Kaden ran back over, "Mom, I need to go potty again!" We called it an evening and headed to our tent. Beckham got mad and shrieked for 20 minutes. I am not sure what he was so mad about, maybe an upset belly.

Matt has a "spastic" bladder. Basically, he has muscle tone from his brain injury, but it also affects his bladder. Sometimes it's much worse than others. This weekend it just happened to be a nightmare. When his bladder is tight, if feels full so he always feels like he needs to pee. He spent a whole lot of time in the shower house. He was missing half the time. I felt bad for him because it's so uncomfortable and frustrating. I felt bad for me because I needed help and he never seemed to be around. He was also extremely tired. He stayed up really late the night before we left and that affected him a lot. He was so helpful when he was around and I needed him but he just wasn't on his game. I am so thankful though, he didn't complain at all, not once.

Finally, Matt and Beckham were sleeping. Kaden got out of his sleeping bag and crawled over to me. "Mom, do you need some hugs and love?" I wanted to cry it was so sweet. I did need hugs and love. That kid blows me away with his intuition, and tender feelings for other people. We decided to head out on a walk. It felt good to be cool and to look at the stars. We wandered over to Jeff and Jamie's little cabin and visited outside. Kaden was being his sweet self and we had a nice time. The rest of the evening was perfect and we all got a really good night's sleep. I think that I stressed out about the crying and craziness because there were so many people around. I felt bad for Jeff and Jamie because they had to spend so much of their time helping us and waiting for us.

We had planned on hiking Arches the next day but it was so blasted hot we threw in the towel. We had grumpy kids and we were tired. We decided to stop at Hole in the Rock. We wandered around there for a while and it was so much fun. It was the perfect little adventure for the kids. Kaden loved the hike so much and cried when it was over. John-Isaac met us there on his way up to college. He is the nicest guy on earth. He was so sweet hiking around with us, taking pictures, and helping the kids when they needed it.

This trip is one of those memories that you look back on later and laugh and laugh. It is quite humorous, although in the moment I thought I might have a nervous breakdown. Despite the rough patches, we really did have a great time. The fun parts were SO fun. I'm glad that we decided to go. I am sure we will try it again, when it's not so hot, we are well rested, and I am feeling extremely ambitious.


Tyrell said...

I was dying of laughter at Kaden's "I'm melting..."

It blows me away at how crazy stong you are. I give you a trophy for that....and packing!

gin said...

A few things I love about this post:
one, your attitude. :) It's everything.
two, Beck's shade thingy. what is this contraption and where can I get one?
three, the thing you put Becks in while hiking? I love it and could use one for when the weather down here cools down. ;)

Lisa and Rustin said...

How fun!!
What brand is your backpack carrier?!
It looks awesome!