Thursday, September 30, 2010


There's just something so special about my mom. Okay, actually there are a lot of things special about her. I love the way my kids adore her. She is indispensable to me; she watches the boys every day when I work and rearranges her schedule and bends over backwards for me. I don't even know how to thank her for it. I feel so comfortable and at ease knowing she is in charge of my most precious things in life. There is no one I trust more that her. Her influence on them is invaluable. She cares for them like I would on my best days. She loves them like no one else and I know that while they are with her she gets next-to-nothing done because they are her priority. I love that she is so fun for them. She takes them on bike rides, nature walks, reads them stories, plays games, and makes their time so much fun they don't miss me one bit. Even Toby goes nuts running around in circles when she shows up or he gets to go to her house.
Every now and then Kaden gets to go spend the night at Nana and Papa's house for a special treat. He giddily anticipates the moment he gets to go and loves to help me pack his bag. Of course he is spoiled rotten, gets to stay up late and drink chocolate milk, but he is in Heaven and I think that Nana and Papa savor that special time with the little man. My parents go down to New Mexico every 5 weeks or so and Kaden misses them so much. He talks about them nonstop, wants to call them, and says regularly, "Mama, when we going to Nana's house? I miss Nana."

One of Beckham's first words was "Nana" and he is completely attached. She is the only other person, besides Matt occasionally, that he will reach to and lean out of my arms for. He's a mama's boy and doesn't seem to want anyone else, so it's a big deal to see him dive to his Nana.

I love it when my mom shows up and she runs to my boys with her arms outstretched saying their names in a high pitched squeal. She bends down to their level and completely engulfs them with her soft, warm, loving hugs. It warms my heart to see her love for these little boys and their reciprocated adoration for her.
I feel so lucky that she is my mom. I have always said that I want to be just like her when I grow up. I feel so lucky she is my boy's Nana. What a blessing she is to them and I know that they will cherish the memories they have with her.

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Clare said...

Jess! You are so right, your mom is an angel. I loved this post- I am so glad for your family that you get to live so close to your wonderful parents. What a blessing.